L E T T E R | T O | H A R P E R

Hello Mamas!

I am officially at the end of my Baby Calendar Milestones and Journey. I am somewhat sad and teary about this. I love having something to look back on and read and remember all the things Harper has done at each phase. I am also sure it is probably not as easy to maintain going forward, so I decided to do a little something that could possibly breech the gap.

I started writing a letter to Harper on her first birthday. I am a words person, and I love long love letters, so naturally writing to her holds weight and meaning for me. But as I continued writing, I suddenly thought, why don’t my letters be a summary of the whole year for her as much as what I hope and pray for her going forward. This way, I can remember when she is older how sweet she was (and bratty at times) and love and laugh at them when we read them together later on.

So I have just put together a plain calendar for myself that is easily accessible to jot down cute things she does or says or milestones for the next year so that when it comes time to write her a letter for her next birthday, I don’t need to rely on mom-brain (we all know how that works). Also I would like to use the “FIRST TOOTH” sticker somewhere considering in 13 months there was no where to put it in her calendar haha.

I really hope to maintain this going forward, especially for the next kids. My mom made me albums of my childhood just as well as she did for my older sister. And if she can do it, I sure hope I can. It is so special to have when you grow up and can look back at it all.

Sentimental much? Probably, but I love doing it all!

What are some of the cute ways you’re remembering? I have heard of moms who have started Facebook or Instagram accounts of their child so when they grow up they have all their pictures and cute captions saved digitally for them. Other moms I know have a decorated shoebox with memory tokens inside of their child. So cool to be inspired by each other. Let me know how you’re doing it.


I painted her one balloon for her letter envelope in water colour | The letter board if from Letter Folk Letter Board link
Brendan bought me this really cute calendar from Exclusive Books when I was pregnant. It is easy to use, has cute sections and these adorable stickers. As you can see, in 13 months she did not grow a tooth or have a hair cut haha

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