Hello Mamas!

When we only have a few minutes to get ready in the morning, sometimes its just easy to throw on the same thing over and over again. I have so many go-to-outfits that I know I feel good in and look good. There is not much thought to throw them on and get on with the day.

But, my style seems to be changing – YET AGAIN! I find myself drawn to more statement piece outfits lately.

Top: Mr Price | Belt: Vintage | Shorts: Top Shop | Shoes: Cotton On

I am not one who gravitates towards print anything. Just a plain Jane. But I was given some second hand clothes and fell in love with these shorts straight away! Definitely a piece I will be using in Winter as well, but for now, a simple T-shirt and pumps are the best sunny combination, because it makes the shorts stand out – like they were made to do.


I love the pockets in these shorts. Pockets are just the best on anything. I think these shorts were supposed to be worn on your hips, so they are a bit big, but if you learn the fold over technique and put a tight high-waist belt, then it is almost as if you get too kinds of shorts in one.



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