F L Y I N G | A T | E I G H T | W E E K S

Hello Mamas!

It feels so long ago since we flew overseas with Harper. Flying with a small baby has come up a lot in conversation amongst friends, and so I thought I would put a little post together from what I remember. I will do flying with a one year old this August, so keep posted for that fresh experience.


I did some research myself before flying (Type A personality I think they call it haha) What I found traveling overseas with Harps was that when they are small it is pretty easy. I am a bit nervous for this upcoming trip, the thought of having sleeping weight on me the whole flight, and she is a wriggly sleeper – pray for me and my muscles! But when they are so small, they don’t require much (the boob and a dummy and you’re set to go). She didn’t need toys or any other form of entertainment. She couldn’t walk or crawl so I didn’t have to fight to contain her. And because she was so little, she slept most of the time.

We bought a cheap travel pram to take with us – this was great for the coble stones and public transport. Easy to fold and open. I did like the fact that it was light grey and had a stripe interior (I like cheap things, but I like them to look pretty still). For the airport though, I found strapping her to me much easier. She was snuggled, close and slept well near my heartbeat. The only mission is going through checks when you have to unstrap them.

This is the pram we got with the star muslin blanket
The greatest naps in her pram
I had her strapped on in her fluffy onesie

I found feeding for take off and landing were my saving move. Not only does sucking help them with their ears, but I think the milk distracted her and she was under my feeding cover and so in her own little space. They can also get quite dehydrated during the travel and altitude, so I let her drink as much as she wanted (a kind of feed on demand scenario – although for me that was only one extra feed, phew).

We made sure to travel with the infant cot in the front of the plane. Once I fed Harper I placed her in the cot and she slept there most of the flight. It gave me an opportunity to sleep, and my husband was in nirvana. He finally had leg-room haha.

One thing that is a must is a little bag. I opted for a drawstring bag my friend made me. It was light and easy to attach to the pram for our trips out the house and exploring. It was a better option than lagging around my large nappy bag. I filled it with nappies, a changing mat, cream, nappy plastic bags, sun-cream, feeding apron, change of clothes and her thin muslin blanket. I took a larger muslin blanket and used that to cover the pram while she slept on our outings. It is airy and perfect as a cover up, shawl or even blanket.

Her small H drawstring bag

I definitely packed FAR TOO MANY NAPPIES for our entire trip, and ended up coming back home with so many. Took up the space I was hoping to fill with shopping. But rather safe than sorry. We went from winter to summer, and so I had her in a long sleeve baby grow in a fluffy onesie for the cold flight, but as the weather warmed up we peeled off layers until she entered the house in Portugal in a short sleeve vest and nappy.

A E R O P L A N E | B A B Y | B A G:

  • 10x     nappies
  • 1x       changing mat
  • 10x     nappy plastic bags
  • 1x        Sudocream
  • 2x        wet wipes (one for her bum and face – fragrance free) (the other for disinfecting)
  • 1x        hand sanitiser
  • 1x        dummy sterilsing spray
  • 1x        dummy chain
  • 2x        dummies (I use AVENT dummies and I LOVE that they have attachable covers, which I used a lot so her dummy didn’t touch anything – first time germ-a-phobe mama)
  • 1x        fleece blanket
  • 1x        small blankie (she uses it to sleep)
  • 1x        large muslin blanket
  • 1x        bib
  • 2x        nappy clothes/towels
  • 2x        change of clothes (which I used on the way back when she leaked out her nappy)
  • 1x        socks
  • 1x        Duckie (her pram toy that she likes to look at)
  • 1x        suncream
  • 1x        facecloth/cottonwool pads (I like to clean her face with these)
  • 1x        extra breast-pads for me
  • 1x        extra top for me
  • 1x        feeding apron


It’s really not bad at all, as long as you’re prepared!

Happy Holidaying!


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