B L A C K | A N D | G R E Y

Hello Mamas!

I used to love shopping for clothes for myself, well I still do, BUT since becoming a mom I find myself heading straight passed the women’s clothes and straight to the kid’s section. And because of this, I have had to make sure that the clothes I have in my closet are versatile. That is one of the reasons I love this grey top, because there are various ways you can wear it which makes it feel like more than one outfit.

BG 2
Off the shoulder

I think a woman’s best feature are her collar bones and shoulders. It’s a style that can take you from feeling ordinary to instantly sexy for your hubby, even if you have baby gob or their grubby hand marks on your jeans.

BG 3
Snood scrunch

What I love most about a snood top is that it looks like you are wearing a top and a scarf, which is great for the outfits where you throw on a leather jacket or bomber and head out all Autumny cosy.

GB 1
Top: Mr Price | Jeans: Pick n Pay Clothing | Shoes: Cotton On

She was just the cutest, I could not resist snapping away with her scrunch smile face!



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