M A M A ‘ S | D A Y

Hello Mamas!

This was my first official Mother’s Day, whoop!

I always looked up to so many mothers around me, drawing from what I loved about how they were with their kids and in themselves for one day when I would be one. Now that I am, I am excited to put into practice what I have observed.

In honour of this first Mother’s Day, I wanted to share a little about what I love and appreciate the most about my mother and sister.

My mother has taught my sister and me about the fierce nature of a mother’s love. A LionHeart mama for sure. She is protective over us. She has taught me about making a home, how powerful the tone a mama sets is for her household. She set the president and tradition of jumping on our beds in the morning with presents and tea for our birthdays, making a fuss about celebrating one another. Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, all sorts of days. She planned fun holidays that centred around family time. She got the balance perfectly right between spoiling and lavishing your kids but keeping strict discipline and gratitude. She taught us to have adventures yet save wisely. She taught us to care about the details in the grand celebration. She is passionate, strong-willed, a fighter and a provider. With my procrastination and messy nature growing up, I witnessed a woman who got things done, being super neat, maintaining a high standard and diligent in it all. She is driven. I was able to achieve so much in my life because of how she set us up, how she taught us by example, and her overwhelming support in the endeavors we take on. She is for sure one of the most generous people I know! These are so many qualities I try to adapt in my own life! I am grateful for my mama!

I just love this photo and the love and fun it captures

My sister has taught me about raising kids a Godly way. To teach your children about things that matter most in life. She teaches them still how to identify and work through their different emotions. She has awoken creativity and knowledge in them. She is able to see their interests and create a fun space for them to explore and nurture their skills and likes. She almost makes life feel magical, that’s the best word I could use to describe her. She is intentional about her relationship with them together and individually. She stays up late to do things for them. She has sacrificed for them to have a lot (like our mother did for us). She is so aware of who she is as a woman, wife and mother. It is that humble and determined spirit within her that inspires and encourages me so much. She makes her kids feel like the most important people without feeling entitled and self-centred. She highlights, cheers and celebrates their good qualities and achievements, but is never blinded by their faults. She knows that she is not the best mom (that no one is) nobody is good at everything, there is no such thing as the perfect mom, but that there are plenty of ways to do your best as a mom. That is something I remember and hold onto always. It has given me freedom in my motherhood, which I think we all need to have, live in and remember as mamas, especially when things get tough.

The best Mama Bird and Baby Birds around

My darling girl is lucky to grow up with a granny and aunty who love and adore her, and who have shaped me to be the best mom I know how to be, specifically for her.

I have learnt this year as a mama that there are so many ways to be a mom. There are so many ways to raise your children. It can be overwhelming to figure it out at times. But because there are so many ways, we should be learning and sharing with one another, and also be confident that we are doing the best way we know how and that suits our own family and personalities. I have been difficult on myself at times wanting the best for Harper but feeling like I am coming in short. I often remind myself though that if my gran can raise kids in the literal bush in Mozambique, I can do it here. But it has also been so positive. Harper has taught me so much about love, laughter, kindness, the power of friendliness and exploration. I have learnt about the importance of raising kids in a community that loves and supports you, no matter what. And the biggest lesson of all, is that I cannot raise my kids without the Holy Spirit. He is in our lives and has come through for me in so many ways!

I love our relationship and friendship

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas! Share the love with your mom, the mothers that inspire you and be kind to yourself as a mama!



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