H O M E | A C T I V I T Y

Hello Mamas!

I have been researching and chatting to people about things to do at home with Harper that are fun, inexpensive and educational/developmental!

Please remember that I am not an expert in this at all. I am just a mama doing some research and sharing some things I do and hoping to learn from things you do at home too!

Here are three activities that I have done so far:

W E T W I P E | R I B B O N | F U N 

How many of us have gone a little insane when we see our kids pull out and empty an entire packet of wet wipes? How many of us sometimes let them because we need two seconds to do something or we let them because it will keep them quiet when out?

My sister gave me a great solution for this! I kept my wet wipe packets when they were done (not from Harper emptying them, but from actual use haha). I kept my Pampers ones because they have a hard lid so you can keep reusing them, and it’s good for Harper to learn how to unclip and open it. I filled the one packet with various kinds of material and ribbon. This is good for them to feel different textures (lace, wool, satin, cotton, elastic), to learn to pull things out of containers, it keeps her entertained, it’s quiet (so you can take it out with you), it is easy to shove all the ribbon back in for her to do again (no mess no fuss), if you lose any ribbon it’s easy to replace. It is so simple but we have loved this idea!

 W A S H I N G | B A S K E T

It is so great when you can use stuff around the house to entertain your kids. I have a round washing basket that I use. Harper likes to hold the side and practice pulling herself up to stand (good for gross motor skills). I put her inside it and move her around so she feels movement and gravity and swaying motions (even helps her with balance when she has to keep herself steady in it). I cut up some toilet rolls that she squished through the holes of the basket (which is good for her fine motor skills). It keeps her contained which is fun (like a baby pen because she does not like to get out of it at this stage). I pass things to her inside there and when I take her out of it, she learns to put things back inside the basket. Now when she sees me do the washing, she gets excited to come hang out with the basket haha!

P A S S A G E | O B S T A C L E | C O U R S E

We have a passage in our house by the bedrooms that we like to play in. Harper crawls between all of the rooms and plays peek-a-boo from behind the doors. I got the idea to make a makeshift obstacle course in the passage to help her with a variety of exercises and focus.

I put her at the one end. She first had to climb over our large leather couch cushion. Then she crawled on the fluffy mat around a pilates ball to the wooden dining room chair that she used to pull herself up on and used it as a walker before also crawling under and through it. I made sure to use different textures (leather, wood and fluff) and a variety of different positions she could do. It was very simple but it was a start and only took me a couple of seconds to set up. We played with the pilates ball, she pushed it away, tapped it to hear the different sounds, she pushed passed it when I rolled it in her way. I also put her ontop of it to bounce and do little exercises.

I will be updating some ideas as I go along with her! Our creativity grows as our kids do!


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